"In the big picture, people are more important than software or algorithms due to their capacity to add value to a project."

Mining operations face a multitude of challenges and the need for strategic planning as a cost- effective means of adding value to projects has never been greater. Consequently, COMET Strategy provides a range of consulting and training services to assist mine planning engineers work in teams on challenging projects. These services include:

  • Customised consulting on optimal mine planning
  • Strategic plan annual reviews
  • Suitability studies
  • training

Custom Consulting

Strategic planning is distinguished from long-term planning by the type of issues that are studied. Typically, these studies include decisions on alternate mining techniques, processing expansion options and integration of multiple projects. The individual characteristics of these large geological resources and the complexities of extracting their full value often requires a tailored solution.

COMET Strategy provides specific consulting services to complement the optimisation tools to help unlock the value of each resource.

Strategic Annual Review

The Strategic Mine Plan Annual Review has been developed to assist in reviewing annual mine plans. It is a systematic and insightful review of all strategic plan assumptions and outputs and often identifies areas of potential for improved value for the project.

The Strategic Annual Review meets the need for external and independent peer review.

Suitability Study

The Suitability Study targets an order of magnitude schedule for a specific project or mine. A balance is required to ensure a realistic plan of the operation is achieved without being too distracted by precision. At the end of the study you will have an independently produced schedule with cut-off grade, stockpile reclaim and pushback sequencing policies determined by an integrated optimisation algorithm.

The study requires no site training or commitment to use COMET Strategy software, though you still benefit from this world class optimisation technology. Typically, once mining companies realise the speed and flexibility of Optimal Scheduler, they purchase their own site licence, train their engineers and get on with maximising the value of their resources.


COMET Strategy provides a range of training courses to accredit mine planning engineers in the use of Optimal Scheduler. Training is provided in a classroom environment at either your premises or our offices.

Training courses include:

  • Introduction to Mine Planning
  • Elements of Mining Economics
  • Introduction to Optimisation
  • Foundation Optimal Scheduler
  • Advanced Optimal Scheduler
  • Medium-term Scheduling using Optimal Scheduler
  • Optimal Scheduler: Distributed Processing

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