Introduction to strategy optimisation by Dr Brett King.

Recently revised and now also in Spanish!

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COMET Strategy

A global software and training company delivering innovative mining solutions which maximise total project value (NPV) by simultaneously exploiting synergies between operating strategies. Specialising in optimal multi-policy scheduling for long-term and strategic planning, COMET Strategy’s Optimal Scheduler is used by the world’s largest mining companies in surface and underground mines.

Reduce Costs

Making major cost decisions to improve the value of a project? Determining which items should be kept and which should be eliminated can be challenging.

Increase Productivity

Having plans and variables change continually is one of the areas that causes loss of productivity and destroys project value. By looking ahead more we can exploit the synergy between all of our equipment.

Case Studies

Three examples are provided to help see how appropriate optimisation can guide cost control effectiveness and improve the productivity of a mining project. These case studies are from areas where large capital expenditure is often incurred.